Referral Rewards

Send me a new client and I’ll send you $500 when they buy or sell with me!

If you’ve enjoyed working with Don, why not share this opportunity with your loved ones? Whether they’re in search of a new home or trying to sell their current property, Don will help them succeed.

I can appreciate that you want to make absolutely certain that your family and friends are in good hands, and that I’ll make you look good for the referral. Rest assured, the answer is YES! I work incredibly hard for my clients. Check out my testimonials to learn more!

As a sincere thank you helping me with my business, for the very first successful referral (your referral buys or sells with me as their agent) I’ll send you $500 within one week of closing, and for each additional successful referral I’ll bump it up to $1000 each time. It’s easy, send me three to four referrals this year and you receive my utmost gratitude and $2500 to $3500. And it doesn’t need to stop there! There’s no limit – advise all your family and friends to give me a call.

Would you rather help your community? Just name your favourite charity and I’ll make a donation in your name.

Thank you again for your support, and for helping me grow my business. Your referrals are very much appreciated and I’m happy to have the opportunity to share the rewards with you!

I’m happy to go over the details with you first if you wish, just give me a call or email.