Why must Realtors put their picture on everything?

Be careful if you judge a Realtor by their photo!

Be careful if you select your Realtor by their photo!

Over the past few years I’ve been compiling a list (I love lists!) of what appears to be working for Realtors in their overall business, and what doesn’t. I update it from time to time, but it’s been fairly consistent no matter what city, what area of specialty the Realtor works in, or even down to the Realtor’s age or gender.

Most of these things (whether big or small) I’ve learned to implement myself over time, however one of the biggest things I’ve found, and perhaps because it’s literally in your face, is the reasoning behind putting a Realtor’s picture on their signs. Ultimately, a Realtor’s face is not their brand (or their logo!), so why spend so much energy, time and expense putting it everywhere?

I’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of ads, where the picture of the Realtor dominates the ad, and the house they are trying to sell is pushed into the corner. Same goes for For Sale signs – tiny words that say For Sale, and perhaps a phone number and the brokerage, but with two thirds of the sign covered with the Realtor’s photo. What exactly are they trying to sell? Themselves to new potential clients or the house?

I mean, does it really matter what the real estate agent looks like? Even if your Realtor is a supermodel, there will be someone that doesn’t like the way she looks, or what type of attitude her photo portrays. Or perhaps they don’t like the colour of his hair, or the fact that he has none at all?

If you’re thinking of selling, pick a real estate agent that uses 100% of your sign to SELL your house, after all, that is the goal. And 100% of your magazine ad to get as many details about your property to the buyer, with the largest photo and best description possible.

More emphasis should be on making it easier for the buyer to buy, such as including website domains that link directly to the listing on MLS or the Realtor’s company website… NOT the Realtor’s glamor (or not so glamorous) shot.