Don Doesn’t Use Lock Boxes For Showings

No Lockboxes

No Lockboxes Here!

One of the most critical times for your Realtor to be involved in the selling process is at the actual showing of the property with potential buyers – if your Realtor isn’t there, where are they?

I feel strongly that it is in your best interest as a seller to have accompanied showings rather than to use a lock box on the front door. When you put a lock box on the front door and the listing agent is not there to show your house, I believe that you lose a tremendous opportunity to learn about the profile of and feedback from the buyer, which is valuable information to have especially from a pricing and marketing perspective. Additionally, without the listing agent giving the buyer a professional “tour” of the home and answering any questions, your house isn’t necessarily portrayed in the best light. In other words, marketing your home also includes showing your home, and you should capitalize on the vital service that listing agents provide to their seller clients through accompanied showings.

There are some people who argue that a lockbox makes a home much more accessible to buyers and their agents, which in turn facilitates/increases the number of showings and foot traffic through your property. But I don’t see it this way. Even if there is a lockbox on the front door, the buyer’s agent still needs to make an appointment with the listing agent to show the house; otherwise it could turn into a free-for-all. You then might ask, “What if the listing agent has a scheduling conflict and can’t be there to show the house when the buyer wants to see it? In this case, it seems that the lockbox would come in very handy.” But even in these instances, there are solutions. Either the listing agent can find an associate to cover the showing or the two agents can find another mutually-agreeable time to show the property. So in essence, the bottom line of having a lockbox on the front door of your home means the listing agent is not there to showcase your property and provide you with valuable and essential market information. And this to me is a tremendous disservice to you as the seller.

For each and every showing that occurs at your home I’ll be there to personally escort the other Realtor and his/her clients. This provides me with the ability to address questions posed by the other Realtor or their buyers immediately. Avoiding lockboxes also gives me the opportunity to truly SELL your home through ensuring all features of it are seen and described in detail.