With over 20 years of marketing experience that has landed Don St. Germain in Profit Magazine, Macleans Magazine, Real Estate Monthly Magazine and more, he utilizes his PROVEN 3-STEP MARKETING PLAN for every property he works with.

This incredibly simple but precisely detailed plan has earned Don the highest value property sale in Victoria since 2006. *VREB MLS

Step 1: Marketing your Property to Buyers

Don utilizes all the traditional tried and true marketing available to him, including marketing your property on, and, and placing an attractive FOR SALE sign placed on a white wooden post at your property.

Don is tech savvy and owns dozens of high quality website domains including this one,, as well many others such as,, and (and MANY more)

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Instead of handing out the standard business card with contact info, Don has exclusively created these “mini-brochures” when working with your property. It includes all the necessary contact info, and also features three photos of your property, property information (bedrooms, bathrooms, etc) and a description. Since Don’s policy is always to be present for showings (more on this in Step 2), potential buyers will receive one of these mini-brochures to remember your property instead of a standard business card.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

These two sided oversized postcards (instead of 4″x6″, they are 4″x9″) are mailed directly to neighbours in the community, and they will tell friends and family a home close to them has just come available for purchase.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don markets your property in several well read magazines in Victoria, including Douglas Magazine and YAM. While this is a group effort by the Sotheby’s Victoria office, Don always participates to ensure maximum visibility for your property.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Another well received marketing campaign by Sotheby’s Realty is to place ads in major newspapers including the Times Colonist, Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald. While the Times Colonist is another Sotheby’s Victoria office group effort, placing ads in the Vancouver Sun and Calgary Herald are optional and Don takes advantage of this marketing exposure. Notice how Don includes a dedicated website for each property so buyers can find additional info easily online.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

It’s a well documented truth that over 90% of home buyers start their search online, and Don ensures potential buyers are able to find his listings online immediately with high resolution photos, floor plans, videos and more. On the photo above, the specific websites for each property are circled in blue on his brochures, mini-brochures, postcards, as well as his newspaper marketing, magazine features and more. These websites go directly to the property listing, so buyers can have all the info they need immediately.

Beautiful property videos that are uploaded to Youtube, and and many other sites are now a standard in real estate marketing. Don makes sure your property is seen around the globe with professional full motion videos and description voice overs for each and every property.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don is the first Canadian real estate agent to be a member of Give Back Homes, and Don donates to this great organization monthly. These are double sided 4″x9″ door hangers that are distributed, often with the six-sided property postcards. What a great way to start a relationship with your future real estate agent!

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Social Media is huge, especially when it comes to real estate and high end luxury items such as cars, travel and designer clothing. Don stays on top of the tech curve by being active in the most sought after social media platforms, and places in the TOP 0.1%.

Step 2: Introducing your Property to Buyers

Don’s policy is to be present for all showings of your home to properly introduce your property, even if the buyers are not his clients. Don will make certain that the buyers are provided floor plans, brochures (in multiple languages), and given an informed tour of your property. He will explain aspects of your home that most buyer’s agents would not be familiar with. And of course, having Don accompany showings will allow you to know who’s been in your home, if and when they showed up, and he can inform you when they complete the showing for peace of mind.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Floor plans are essential, and Don ensures they are always on hand at showings, on and on your dedicated property website. Don believes in pride of ownership, and this extends to having them printed on the heavier cotton paper to impress buyers (and sellers!).

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Having brochures at the property is critical. One of the first lessons in marketing is to always ensure the buyer leaves with something tangible in their hand. Imagine looking at three or four homes – would you remember which one had the two fireplaces? Or the two car garage? Don creates beautiful 11″x17″ brochures (folded into four pages) for your property… and buyers love them! It’s always better than the single sided generic MLS printout from the other homes they’ve viewed that day.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

And yes, the brochures are printed in multiple languages. While not all properties may benefit from brochures in other languages than English, Don will use his discretion to ensure that buyers can have all the details on the listing, in their native language.

Step 3: Follow Up and Feedback After the Showing

Step 3 is the most simple but also perhaps the most crucial part of the three step plan. Often when a buyer views your home, two things happen: 1) An offer is written, or 2) absolutely nothing.

Don St. Germain Victoria BC Realtor Marketing Tools

Don found that while number 1 is preferred by sellers, it’s usually number 2 that happens in the day to day of real estate. Imagine you’ve had two or three showings during the week, however there’s been no feedback from the buyers. Or if you do receive feedback, it’s “the layout wasn’t for them” or something similar. It happens all the time and is frustrating for both the seller and their real estate agent.

Don felt the best way to solve the feedback issue was to create an easy to use buyer feedback program. Written from scratch, he first started programming it back in 2011 and it’s now a perfected system that helps the buyer’s real estate agent communicate their thoughts and candid opinions directly to the seller’s agent.

To see a live online demo of Don’s feedback system, go to and login using guest as your username, and guest as your password.

The seller’s agent can then discuss the results with their clients and likely bring the buyer back to the property for a second showing. Don will explain this more upon your initial no-obligation consultation.

Our Promise to You

Through excellence and dedication, we strive to provide our clients with successful and rewarding experiences. Our team of professionals market and sell quality properties by providing access to the most powerful brand and network in the real estate industry while always acting in the best interest of our clients.

Global Network

We have access and exposure to over 9000 sales associates in 500 Sotheby’s auction and real estate offices in key residential and resort markets in over 30 countries. Our online distribution regularly receives number one placement on Google and other search engines with over 3 million monthly page views.

Distinctive Marketing Plan

Focusing on the unique qualities of your property, we tell the story of your home across a variety of customized marketing initiatives which may including print, digital and public and media relations programs.

Home Selling Strategies

The powerful global marketing and referral resources of Sotheby’s International Realty, combined with our sophisticated marketing programs, provide effective marketing strategies for sellers and aspirational motivation for our buyers.

Print Marketing

Clients may benefit from exclusive corporate rates and prime placement in local, national, and international publications including but not limited to: International Architecture and Design, Robb Report Collections, Preview Magazine, New York Times, Globe and Mail, Reside Magazine.

Digital Marketing

Each property will receive online exposure on, and, as well as on a number of other highly trafficked sites including those of New York Times Wall Street Journal and International Herald Tribune

Network Marketing

In addition to the various print and digital media opportunities available through our agents, your property may be showcased in our network of Canadian and international offices. These offices serve as hosting environments for several private and public functions that attract diverse and qualified buyers.

Customized Marketing

We have an experienced in-house team that can create unique and high-impact marketing materials to complement our sales approach for attracting qualified buyers to your home.

Public Relations

Every home has a story to tell. Working closely with a distinguished public relations firm you can gain additional international exposure for your property in some of the world’s most respected publications.