Gavin O’Sullivan – Junior Sports Star!

Gavin O'Sullivan - Junior Sports Star!

Gavin O’Sullivan – Junior Sports Star!

Thank you to Sherri and Sterling O’Sullivan for this month’s Junior Sports Star Nomination – I couldn’t say it better myself, so here’s Sherri and Sterling’s nomination as I received it, unedited and true to every word:

Gavin is 11 years old and an avid basketball, baseball and soccer star (in our eyes). He also loves wake boarding, swimming and tubing… basically anything active. In a sense, he is a typical boy!

His life changed on Nov. 7 2016 when he was diagnosed with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes). T1D has NO CAUSE AND NO CURE (at this time)… it came on strong and without warning… with his diagnosis our lives were rocked to the very core. Gav was hospitalized and we began an intense week of education, needles, insulin injections and just coming to grips with our new reality.

But, true to Gavin, he has been a rock through this process and it hasn’t been all gloom. To let you know how mentally strong/determined he is, and why we are nominating him, he was discharged from the hospital on Thursday, Nov. 10 and he basically went straight to his middle school basketball game an hour later…doctor’s orders. He entered the gym, checked his own sugars on the bench, in front of his team mates, before the game started and at half time. He was not trying to hide his new reality. It was hard for us to watch him play…unsure if he would be ok. He was better than OK… HE WAS AMAZING!!

The best part of the story, and the reason we are applying for Gavin to be the Junior Sports Star of the Month… is that even through his diagnosis and new “normal”, his attitude and commitment to his team never changed. The game was tied 51 to 51…with 4 seconds left. Gavin demanded the ball, went to the hoop and was fouled. He stepped to the free through line with no doubt or emotion… and calmly sank a free throw to win the game by 1 point!

It was an unbelievable and emotionally overwhelming moment. It was so much more than just a basketball game for us. It was a precedent to show us/him how he can handle this journey and continue to be a sports star. It gave us hope that nothing is going to stop him.

In our eyes he is a STAR!!

Gavin, enjoy a night out with your family to dinner at any restaurant you choose, a gift certificate to a local sports store and a load more fun things that any Junior Sports Star will love!