First Blog Post, for Joey

Joey my French Bull Dog, Dressed to Thrill Don St Germain

Joey my French Bull Dog, Dressed to Thrill

Thank you for viewing my very first blog post, happy to have you aboard!

My tech team and I been working tirelessly behind the scenes ensuring the site is fully scalable (automatically resizes with no loss in display) on all devices, from smart watches to 4k displays that are pushing resolutions at both ends of the spectrum, and even more devices fill the gaps between, such as desktops, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles.

Those of you that know me and my obsession for domain names, know that I’ve been collecting hundreds of domains to date (virtual real estate!), from fun and exciting such as, to real estate heavy weights including and that are incredibly popular and consistently attracting a wide audience. I’ll often add one or two new domains each week to our growing portfolio.

In this world of Internet dominant marketing, we assure you we have the experience and are determined to stay on top of mind and be found by both buyers and sellers locally and around the world.

And to close my very first blog post, please find a picture of my French bull dog, Joey. He’s been wanting to play for a while now.