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Don St. Germain is a top selling Victoria BC Realtor with the PROVEN 3-STEP PRO-MARKETING PLAN and is credited with the highest value real estate property sale in Victoria BC since 2006. *VREB

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"Dear Don: As the first stage of the odyssey that buying a house in Victoria has become draws to a close, I wanted to thank you for all you have done for us during the last four months. You went above and beyond what we could expect from a Realtor.

The first challenge was that we purchased the house two days before we left for Peru for a month. The second challenge was that the house inspection and the subsequent inspections all required you to do work that must have caused you to question what on earth you were doing. I am sure that I am leaving things out, but the list includes securing a list of bidders for the roof replacement, getting three quotes for the gutter replacement, and being present for the Roto-Rooter work.

In addition, we very much appreciated the help and guidance you provided as we searched for sub-trades. Your advice was “spot on” for kitchen counter replacement, the kitchen counter top replacement, finding new appliances for the kitchen, the gas contractor, and most of all, and the contractor for refinishing the floors. And then we came home!

I think back to the number of times you let us into the house to check this or that, or to have contractors in to give us quotes, and I know that we stressed you good humour many, many times. So, thank you for all of the above and more. We are surely in your debt.

Thank you very much!"

Janine Longy and Floyd Harry - Victoria, BC